Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm - #14

Easter, Gumm Style. On this special episode, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Easter"; Storytime with Judy presents The Little Red Hen; further Liza with a Z discussion; Judy and Bernadette's Showcase featuring a wet little ditty by Our Mother Confessor of the Dancefloor; and of course, much much more!

Download: Show #14 - 19 min 26 sec


Chalkenteros said...

you feed my queer soul.

Eric said...

I finally buckled and downloaded the newest episode. Count me among your fans. I'll be ordering your back catalogue just as soon as I can get home.


Can Frances PLEASE belt out "Welcome to my Party" by none other than John Philip Sousa, I mean Lafoosa, I mean Bamboozled, I mean LaChiusa!

~Prior said...

This was pretty funny. I loved the I Don't Know How to Love Him musiical tag. Bernadette sounds healthier this week. Maybe a new spot called "Liza or Judy?" could take place.

Stacey3088 said...

(squirm) I LOVE it so much i can hardly contain it! That irrate Judy does something to me! I was wondering what The Legend thinks of the broadway hit 'Wicked', it's music, it's portrayal of the Wicked Witch, the cast etc?

I gotta say this is a bit more than just an entertainment beat - it's a whole orchestra! Thankyou!

mattie said...

I agree with Stacey, a Judy duet with Bernie or Carol doing something from Wicked. Sounds amusing.


Evil Disney Guy said...

I agree with the idea of doing a song from 'Wicked"...I would love to hear that!

AMonkeyinDiapers said...

I just love a mastadon / labrea tarpit gag.

The storybook narrator Judy was inspired.

zipper said...

Love the show, gave you a (well-deserved) shout-out on my blog:

Jason said...

Loved it!

Loved the lyric references, in jokes, and background music from the old "Listen To The Land" exhibit at EPCOT!

Keep 'em comin'!

Nathan said...

I heard about you from This is the first episode I've listened to you.

You are just fabulous darling! I absolutely love this show. It's hilarious. Well done. And I loved the rendition of "Rain"