Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm - #16 - Tony Award/Birthday Special (Part 2)

Download: Show #16 (Part 2) - 11 min 09 sec
(right click and 'save target' to download)
(Headphones recommended for optimal sound)

Have you heard Part 1?


hbjock said...

Fabulous! Judy, you are the best darling..

Derek Etnyre said...

Does Judy ever perform live in the Chicago area? Would love to see her in person....

An Hon Amos said...

derek etnyre-

I think Judy can only perform in the ether of the podcast universe.

I'm almost certain that neither she nor Roger have real human form that could "perform live in the Chicago area". Now Carol, Pia and Bernadette are another story.

Alas, I believe Judy is only a lovely aural experience that we are lucky enough to experience every few weeks.

But I believe you could easily get Pia to perform at your dog's next birthday party for a slice of cake and bus fare home.

Robert said...

I have turned a new fan on to you. He could not STOP raving about you/imitating you/quoting you. In only a short week, he's memorized every episode. It's like you created a monster. It's amazing. And I'm so proud. I hope he comments soon.

Chalkenteros said...

Judy! You're on TV tonight! TCM is airing "The Clock" at 10pm!

. said...