Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm - In The News...

Want to find out what goes on behind the scenes at The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm? Here are some links to recent pieces/interviews about the show from around the web (including a podcast Q & A):

Interview with Billyboy: Man Behind The Mic - little voice

The Entertainment Beat with Billyboy, Donnan and Dan - Dan's Turning FortyCAST

Born in an iPod -

Thanks to Robert (Little Voice), Dan 'n Donnan (Dan's Turning FortyCAST), Stephen Rebello and Alonso Duralde (The Advocate).

I also want to thank Jonathan Tolins for all of his greatly appreciated Frances musings over the past few months. You can find them at his site, JT's Toll House.

P.S. - The next episode is forthcoming!


Stritchie said...

You deserve all the praise and recognition that you get. You truly are an amazing and talented person. I'm proud to know you. =)

Nathan said...

Congratulations Billyboy! You certainly deserve to be recognized for your wonderful talents!

DanNation said...

Keep it up - because of you, I've been glued to my couch for 3 days watching my newly-acquired Judy Garland Show DVD - it's fascinating.