Thursday, August 24, 2006

When The Fish Walk Around On Two Feet

Judy was briefly kidnapped by young America during a visit to this year's Sondheim/Patti LuPone/Lonny Price/Ravinia Festival extravaganza. But don't fret, she'll be back before the snow has turned from white to blue.

Or sooner.

Thanks, as always, for your continued e-mails of support.


Stacey3088 said...

Even in the ether, Judy's after life is filled with drama! Can't wait for her return, i'd rather not see the birds make love to the bees!

butterfly said...

... and President Coolidge is a cousin of mine!

We love you still, Frances!

Erick B said...

Frances, please hurry back. My nights are emptier without your voice.

DanNation said...

We can't wait. how are you?

SarahB said...

Young America had to give Little Judy back when she drank all the wine at get her back on the air already! xoxo