Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ep. 18: Grey Oleander, Moo Moo Moo Moo

Join Judy and Friends for another spin into the surreal world of The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm. Sarah Vaughan, Toni Collette, Gwen Verdon, Nina Simone, and Stitch guest star.

- "Grey Oleander" (Grey Gardens)
- "Children Go Where I Send You", Nina Simone
- Gypsy at Ravinia
- The Mama/Mme. Rose Conflict
- "Goodbye To Raspberry Pie"
- "Blue Cow (Moo Moo)"
- Beyonce's New Album Bidet (B'Day)
- "Witchcraft/Day In-Day Out" with Judy, Bernadette and Sarah Vaughan
- Summer Movies Review (Kinda)
- Bloopers
- "China Girl", David Bowie

Download: Episode #18 - 28 min 02 sec


Robert said...


Jerry Herman! The wait was worth it! Divine.

Bernadette and Judy's duet was classic! Perhaps we should send this podcast to that queen, Laurents.

Yolanda said...

Hail to you, Billyboy!
Abstinence from the show was getting a toll on me ;-)
Don't make us go through that, I beg of you.

Lots of love,

PD: "I have to get my Frances fix, I have to get my Frances fix... oh, shut up!"

Hank said...

Welcome back! You were missed.

Another hilarious show, Bill and Frances. One of the best. Séance's new CD Bidet? I fell to the floor with that one.

zipper said...

Hey gang...

Amazing show, as always. I've made something special, just thought I'd show ya:

DanNation said...

Crazy show! Donnan and I loved it. We listened to it before bed last night and we were in stiches...!

Stacey3088 said...

Absolutly succulent! Jam-packed with delicious tid-bits! I love the banter!!! Thankyou, i'm off to listen to it again!

Marky said...

I sure loved the Grey Gardens intro

welcome back, Judes !!

You are

say - can you tell us about Betty Hutton sometime?

Betty was at Paramount - but you must've crossed paths Well, before Betty was given the bum's rush by Hollywood and moved into the rectory to cook for priests.

Atari_Age said...

I think I need to listen to this one again - there were alot of rapid-fire discussions that I think I needed to be in the movie biz in the 1930s to get.

Regardless, entertaining, as always!

La Cieca said...

Even more fabulouser than usual, Madame Judy. And thanks for the shoutout!

Scootmaroo said...

More Bernadette as Mama Rose Nyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, God, Billy. Thanks for making me laugh on the first day back at school.....

Omar said...

I love the name The Other O for a magazine, it could compete with "O" magazine.
[Would I get royalties?]

Bill said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody. :)

Omar, the name "The Other O" would make for a great magazine, but it's already the title of an existing, lovely podcast out there on the web.

Thanks for listening!

Bill said...

OMAR! You most certainly would get royalties!

If only I'd clicked that link yesterday! ;)

RcktMan said...

Oh my GOD... you are so friggin' brilliant.

BRILLIANT. I just don't have any other words for it. I'm halfway through the show and just in awe.

Can't wait for the next helping ;)

Joeji Bartokomus said...

...and when I heard Judy performing that monologue tears of delight were streaming down MY face. Loved the newest episode, you've been greatly missed. And to put in my own two cents, a show has only jumped the shark when it's become unimaginative, trite and resorts to the same old same old, avoiding risk in order to get the same results. That could never be said of you or your delightful show. Plus when I'm finished listening I get to feel so smart for getting a good third of the references...mama rose.

John said...

I absolutely love the show and I so surprised to see that I'm on the Friends of Frances list! I'm becoming more and more amazed by the podcast and this is something that I look forward to sitting down and taking in. My best of wishes!