What, or Who is JudyCast?

Bill Phair is the creator of JudyCast: The Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm - A One-Man Judy Garland Podcast Surreality.

Aside from the show's two hosts, l├ęgende par excellence Judy Garland and her trusted 'producer' Roger Darling, Bill inhabits a growing family of other characters such as Carol Channing, Bernadette Peters, Daniel Radcliffe, Gwen Verdon, Templeton the Rat, Lauren Bacall, Patti LuPone, Madonna, Rush Limbaugh, Katharine Hepburn, Pia Zadora, and... well, Gollum (of Lord of the Rings fame). Occasionally, Mr. Phair even throws himself into the mix. As the sole writer, performer, editor and producer of JudyCast, production can be intensive.

He lives in New York.